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Each book is 5 1/2" x  8 1/2",  32 pages of illustrated text (including cover page,etc.).
Colorful and creative cover designs.  Excellent gifts or mememtos from a visit to an historical site or store.
Small, easy to stock and carry souvenir.  Appealing books for children and adults alike...
An American Mother Goose Collection---this collection of mother goose rhymes is based on the memories of Elizabeth Goose (believed by many to be the real Mother Goose who serenaded her sixteen children with her songs and rhymes), the daughter of one of the Mayflower voyagers.
Children's Early American Folklore---Corlorful collection of tall tales, superstitions, sayings, riddles, jokes and tongue twisters.  Many of these dating back to the days of colonial America that have remained in common use ever since.
Children's Life in Colonial America---Describes the everyday life of typical colonial children--how they lived, the games they playd, how the worked, what they ate, what they wore, how they were educated and much more.  An excellent overview of earlier days of our country.
Children's Life in Victorian America---Focuses on the life of what we now call typical American 'victorian' children--what they ate, how they lived, how they dressed, how they were educated and much more.  A delightful view of life as it really was not much more than a hundred years ago.
Children's Early American Crafts
Children's Travel Games and Pastimes
Children's Historical Travel Games & Pastimes---Fun-filled collection of activities such as guesin games, word games, dot-to-dot, mazes, and pencil and paper pastimes.  Features such favorites as Old Mother Hubbard, Geography, The Quill Pen and Who am I ?
Children's Early American Crafts---Collection ocf craft activities used by our early American forefathers and their wives and children.  Handicrafts were a part of everyday life back then. People made their own candles, spun their own yarn, sewed their own clothes, and made their own soap.  Each activity tells how the people lived in the new world.
Children's Parlor Games & Pastimes---Features over 40 selected favorite play-parlor games and pastimes, from our country's rich heritage.  'Parlor activities' provided a wonderful outlet for children in those days.  Features such favorites as Charades, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Twenty Questions and Queen Anne and Her Maids.
BK#308 __
Children's  Tea Parties---Traditions, recipes, tips and tidbits---Easy to read book for planning a tea party---Decorations, manners, place settings, serving manners and much more. Recipes for tea making and baked goods are also included.  A delight for children and parents alike.
Favorite Children's Stories from the 1800's--Features 24 selected stories from the Golden Age of children's literature in America.  Most of the stories in this collection represent the desire to educate the child and to teach the moral lessons.  These colorful stories can be read and enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Pages From Early American Children's Books---Sample pages from eighteenth and nineteenth century American Children's books.  All pages have been reproduced from first edition sources, when possible.  An excellent look at the art of engraving as presented in children's literature long ago.
Children's Stories from the 1800s
Manners and Morals for Young Children---(Based on George Washington's Rules of Civilized and Decent Behavior)--This book is based on the writings of a youthful (14-year-old) George Washington.  Offers Washington's entire 110 rules for proper etiquette and excerpts and sketches from accompanying period American etiquette manuals.
Children's Manners and Morals---This    best-selling    32-page book offers excerpts from early  American etiquette manuals of the 1700's & 1800's, describing acceptable behavior of the time--including   how to behave, table and classroom manners,  the art of writing,courting etiquette and much more.
Children's Manners and Morals
The ABC's of Early American School Children
Children's  Toys and Fashion from Long-Ago Mail order Catalogs---In the 19th century, with the advent of factories and advances in printing methods, mail-order catalogs began to appear.  The amount of space devoted to children's toys and fashions in these catalogs expanded as more and more emphasis was placed on the development of children in general.  The original text has been preserved in this smapling from these catalogs as well as the pricing.
Children's Toys and Fashions
Mother Goose Book
Childrens American Folklor
Children's Life in Colonial America
Children's Parlor Games and Pastimes
Children's Tea Parties
Pages from Early American Childrens Books
Manners and Morals for Young Children
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Children's Life in Victorian America
The ABC's of Early American School Children---Contains
a colorful insight into the daily life of school children so long ago.  Included are descriptions of the schoolhouses, the teachers and 'school supplies' of those by-gone days.  Also included are instructions for easy-to-make facsimiles of items representative of life in the early American schoo, such as a hornbook, slateboard, quill pen, battledore and more.
Flora's Cuddly Bear Book
Flora's Cuddly Bear Storybook~ Collection of 19th century cuddly bear stories.  Colorfully illustrated with period illustrations.

See the companion to the book:

Make Your Own Cuddly Bear Kit~
Create your very own cuddly bear with this easy-to-make kit. 
No sewing required.  History and instructions included.
Cuddly Bear Kit