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Home Sweet Home---A collection of poems by Jane Post, the mother of three children and a grandmother to all.  Her sentimental writings have appeared in publications across the country for decades.  HOME, SWEET HOME is dedicated to all who truly believe that "Home and Hearth"  is the highest ideal to which we strive.  Jane's writings in this book are supplemented by excerpts from McGuffey's Third Reader.
Automobiles of Yesterday---An authentic reproduction of a  vintage 1904 automobile manual.  Features illustrations of classic automobiles of the time, comparison and contrasts of gas, steam and electric automobile, principles of motor designs and the dramtic statement that "The automobile is here to stay!"
Fun, Sports and Pastimes
Victorian Ghost Stories
Folk Medicine and Remedies
Toys and Games from Times Past
Nostalgic Crossword Puzzles
The American Outhouse
Home Sweet Home
Automobiles of Yesterday
Courting Customs in America
Courting Customs in America---Offers selected excerpts and illustrations from period courting and etiquette guides and manuals.  Includes features such as bundling, the language of flowers, courting  on the front porch, and the customs of engagement and marriage from the colonial era in America to the early 20th century.
Fun, Sports and Pastimes from Early America---Details organized games, sports pastimes in both the colonial and victorian eras in America.  The illustrations are derived from surviving game manuals of the time.  Features such activities as hopscotch, basedball, gold, tennis, horsemanship, swimming and more.
Folk Medicine and Remedies---In the 'old days' there was a tonic or cure for almost any ailment.  This delightful book offers a variety of home remedies, potions, common sayings and herbal cures, all believed at the time to help with conditions such as rheumatism, headaches, joint ache, toothaches and more.
Victorian Ghost Stories---The victorians in America were so involved with the scientific thou'ght of the day that little merit was given to matters not easily explained.  Nevertheless, many 'ghost' writers of the day managed to excite the thoughts and minds of hundreds of thousands of Americans with there 'other-worldly' tales.  Illustrated with period graphics.
Nostalgic Crossword Puzzles---"When life is entirely without satisfaction, there is nothing to do but leave it...and a crossword puzzle does it best of all."  First a fad, then best sellers, crossword puzzle books have been an American institution for decades.  This collection of crossword puzzles dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries and includes all crossword puzzle solutions.  (In those days, the puzzle purchaser was required to mail a request for the answers.)
American Outhouse Memories---The American outhouse has long been the source of humor and folklore.  One of the raging debates of the day was "the red or white corncob versus the Sears catalog pages."  Included in this book is the history of the outhouse, or privy, tidbits and trivia, and outhouse stories and humor.
Toys and Games from Times Past---  features history, game rules, or descriptions of: Americans and English (Tug of War), Button on a String ("buzz saw"), card games, Cat's Cradle, cup & ball toss toy, dice games, Dominoes, Draughts (Checkers), Fox and Geese, Graces (French hoops), Hoop and Roll (Rolling Hoop), Hopscotch, Hornbook Battledore and Shuttlecock, Jacks, Jump Rope, Marbles, Nine-Men's Morris, nine pins, pick-up sticks, quoits (ring toss game), Shinny, Solitaire, Thaumatrope ("wonder turner"), Tic Tac Toe, Twirling the Plate, tops, and the yo-yo. This book is filled with nostalgic illustrations and game or activity rules or suggestions.  BK#101
Easy-to-Make Early American Folk Dolls
Easy to Make Early American Dolls---includes patterns, instructions, and histories for the following 12 dolls: Old-Fashioned Rag Doll, Traditional Handkerchief Doll (or Church Doll), Revolutionary War Knot Doll, Aunt Judith's Yarn Doll, Nineteenth-Century Felt Doll, Pioneer Leavings Doll, Classic Cornhusk Doll, Primitive Corncob Doll, Miniature Cloth Doll, Colonial Spoon Doll, Tied Handkerchief Doll, and Early American Poppet Doll. Filled with nostalgic line drawings and interesting fun facts.
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